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Новая статья на сайте компании TICRA: Computational Investigation of the DTU-ESA 12 GHz VAST12 Validation Standard Antenna to Identify Features Contributing to the Radiated Field

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Компания Future Facilities анонсировала новую версию своего пакета теплового моделирования 6SigmaET 16. 6SigmaET by Future Facilities has launched its latest software version, Release 16, introducing an array of new and improved features and functionality.

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Компания #Modelithics выпустила очередную версию библиотеки Modelithics Library v21.8 for Cadence Spectre RF Option. Добавлены 22 новые модели.

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ИНтересная статья: Fabrication of 3D air-core MEMS inductors for very-highfrequency power conversions.

We report a fabrication technology for 3D air-core inductors for small footprint and very-high-frequency power conversions. Our process is scalable and highly generic for fabricating inductors with a wide range of geometries and core shapes. We demonstrate spiral, solenoid, and toroidal inductors, a toroidal transformer and inductor with advanced geometries that cannot be produced by wire winding technology. The inductors are embedded in a silicon substrate and consist of through-silicon vias and suspended windings. The inductors fabricated with 20 and 25 turns and 280-350 μm heights on 4-16 mm2 footprints have an inductance from 34.2 to 44.6 nH and a quality factor from 10 to 13 at frequencies ranging from 30 to 72 MHz. The air-core inductors show threefold lower parasitic capacitance and up to a 140% higher-quality factor and a 230% higher-operation frequency than silicon-core inductors. A 33 MHz boost converter mounted with an air-core toroidal inductor achieves an efficiency of 68.2%, which is better than converters mounted with a Si-core inductor (64.1%). Our inductors show good thermal cycling stability, and they are mechanically stable after vibration and 2-m-drop tests.


Компания IMST сообщила, что ее продукт EMPIRE-XPU поставила новый рекорд скорости расчета на системе AMD Epyc: 50 млрд FDTD ячеек в секунду. EMPIRE-XPU achieves new speed record on AMD Epyc: 50 billion FDTD cells per second on single-system.


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Вышла новая версия пакета CST Studio Suite 2022. New version SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2022 is available.